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Monday, February 22, 2010

More Harris Teeter Super Doubles

Okay well a lot of things are sold out by now but you never know what they will get back in by tonight or tomorrow.

Gilette products - check out my trip#3 summary to see how to get 8 items for 0.54 total! Most of the coupons i used came out this sunday. But if you don't use your $4/2 body washes coupon at HT, take it to Target. I hear its only 1.99 there right now and that would make both FREE.

SeaPak frozen seafood. - there is a 1.00 coupon out there and they are BOGO but good luck finding anything good. Its an $8 product for $2 after coupon. Not bad if you like shrimp.

Coles garlic bread - you can go to and print off a coupon to make the mini loaf free.

Crackers - there were supposed to be some coupons on the shelves in the store for wheatables and cheese nips, i believe, they are most likely gone. There are none at Monkey Junction anymore.

100 calorie snacks - Nabisco has put a coupon on some boxes. You may have better luck finding them in another store and taking it to HT. I found one box in HT that used to have a coupon stuck to it.

TGIFriday frozen meals - not too bad after coupon. I got my coupons from previous purchases, the coupons were inside the box. It still $4 after coupon but thats a lot better than more than $8 for one meal. Haven't tried these, hope they're good.

Freschetta pizza - not a bad deal, although I have gotten them cheaper in the past. Print off a 1.00 coupon from, they are 5.00 this week. $3.00 for a whole pizza isnt bad.

A few ideas for getting free stuff with a little coupon manipulation (shhh, dont tell anyone):

Disclaimer - I am not telling anyone to break any coupon laws but I'm just giving you a few ideas on how to save more money on expensive items. The store is not likely to lose any money on these items (especially with the markup at HT) so I don't feel that bad about using the coupons to my advantage.

The Gilette scenerio in my trip#3 post was a bit of a manipulation. (But my cashier's name tag said she was the store's accountant and she didnt seem to mind at all. She took whatever I handed her.)

Olay/Venus- I have a coupon for $2 off a venus razor, a buy a venus razor get an Olay body wash free, a 1.00 off olay body wash, and a buy olay pro-x and get a free razor. Now pro-x i think is pretty expensive and if you search you may even find a coupon for it somewhere. (I dont have one). But basically you would get free body wash, free razor and $4 off the price of the pro-x if you used all these together.

pro-x/olay - also free olay quench body lotion when you buy pro-x and $2 off olay body lotion coupon. Free lotion and $2 off the pro-x.

olay regenerist - buy olay regenerist, get olay body wash free coupon, 1.00 off olay body wash coupon, and $3 off olay regenerist coupon. Thats a free body wash and $5 off the regenerist.

olay regenerist - buy olay regenerist, get olay body lotion free coupon, $1 off body lotion, $3 off regenerist. Thats free lotion and $5 off regenerist.

secret/pro-x - buy pro-x and get secret deodorant free coupon, 0.50 off secret. Not as good but still helps.

old spice - buy 1 pro strength deodorant and get $4 off the second, $3 off two body washes, and 2 - $2 off any body wash when you buy pro strength. This one is a bit of a stretch but if your cashier doesn't really care it would work. You'd get 2 deodorants and 2 body washes and save $11 on all.

old spice/secret - buy 2 old spice deodorants and get 1 secret free, $1 off two old spice deodorants, and 0.50 off secret. That would be a free secret and $3 off the old spice ones.

Okay thats all for this week. I really hope Harris Teeter doesnt do Super Doubles or Triples again for a few weeks. I'm couponed out!!

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