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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This week's freebies

Dont forget to check out RedPlum for this week's list of freebies. Unfortunatly if you live in Wilmington, you can only get the hydromassage, providing it is available.

Also, bring your travel mug to Starbucks this Thursday and get free regular coffee up to 20 oz. I know for a fact the Starbucks in the Long Leaf Mall Harris Teeter is participating.

Go to Port City Java's facebook page and become a fan, then send a fan suggestion to all your friend and let them know how many you sent out. They will contact you with coupons for free coffee. I sent my invites, havent heard back yet but it hasnt been very long.

Also become a fan of Kraft Mac & Cheese on facebook and they will mail you a coupon for a free box.

Print out this Coupon to get a free babies r us tote bag at customer service. And if you fill it with clothing or shoes up to 4T you can get 25% off everything in it.

Check out Find Me Freebies for more free stuff to sign up for.

Good Shopping day

I know i'm a bit slack on posting and I was even late on shopping this week. But I hit the stores today to take advantage of the deals ending today.


They have a new mobile coupon thing. You sign up on their website link and then you text the code to them and they will add the coupon directly to your MVP card. This week I got a free box of cereal (valid until may 15) and $4 off 2 healthy choice meals (valid until april 20). I just saw a BOGO skinny cow ice cream on there but its not good until april 14 and it did not let me sign up for it today. so i guess you have to wait until those dates to sign up.