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Sunday, February 21, 2010

New coupon match-ups for Super Doubles

These coupons came out this week in the Wilmington and Raleigh papers. (Got these figures from The Grocery Game and have not verified them for our stores. I will work on this more throughout the day.)

Sara Lee Soft & Smooth Bread
-.55 coupon should make it 0.89

Uncle Bens Whole Grain Rice
-$1 coupon should make it 0.29

Hungry Jack Pancake Mix - Buy 2
-$1/2 should make them 0.97 each

L'oreal Lipstick
-$1 coupon should make it 2.99

Bounce Dryer Bar
-$1.50 coupon should make it 1.29

Purex Laundry Sheets 20-24 loads
- BOGO coupon should make them 2.50 each
Purex Laundry Detergent 24-32 loads
-BOGO coupon should make them 1.35 each

Purina Might Dog Cans
- BOGO coupon should make them 0.30 each

Tropicana Pure Premium - Buy 2
- $1/2 should make them 1.50 each

RealSimple Magazine
-$1 coupon should make it 2.99  - i believe you can find coupons in this magazine. not sure tho.

okay thats all i have for now. if any got the Silk Soymilk coupon that was supposed to come out this week PLEASE save it for me!! Its all I can drink.

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