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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Free Samples

Find Me Freebies blog is a great place to get lots of free stuff. You can find a link to it if you scroll down this page. I spent the day signing up for all kinds of things from household to cosmetics to pet foods. It should be like Christmas here in a few weeks when I start getting packages in the mail.

A little hint - get an autofill program so you dont have to keep filling in your information.Google toolbar has one but I couldnt get mine to work so I searched for one. The first one that came up was IE Autofill. Great program. You can download the trial version and every so often it asks you to register. It doesnt say how long I have until I have to pay for it but for now its saving me a TON of time and typing. All I have to do is hit the Fill button on the toolbar.

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