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Monday, March 22, 2010

Todays shopping

I found out today that while HT gladly accepts competitors store coupons, FoodLion does not. I even called the customer service number and nope. They are very coupon unfriendly but I still occasionally find a good deal there.

Today I went to FoodLion, Lowes, Dollar Tree and Walmart. I spent $33 total and got all this:

2 - 6 packs of slim fast cans
2  boxes of Capri Suns
6 - 10 oz packages of land o frost lunchmeat
2 boxes of already cooked butterball grilled chicken strips
1 carton of orange pineapple juice
4 (yes 4) gallons of milk
1 loaf of arnolds 12 grain bread
1 loaf of natures own bread
1 word search book
1 roll of wrapping paper
2 cheap plastic kites
2 birthday cards

hmm, i think i remembered everything.

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